The following process outlines installing ESXi 6.0 remotely on an HP ProLiant Gen9 server. The server used in the following example is an DL360. It is using an internal USB flash drive for it’s peristant ESXi installtion.

  1. Download the HP Customized ESXi installer at the following link VMware ESXi 6.0 Installable HP Customized ISO Image.
  2. Find the Hostname, Username, and Password for the iLO device.
    This can be found by pulling the front pull-out tab from the server. The tab has a I on the front.HP_DL360_GEN9_Server_Front_Info_Tab
  3. Determine the iLO’s Ethernet IP address.
    The iLO’s default IP configuration is set for DHCP. Its address can be determined by plugging it into a network with a DHCP server, then pinging by its host name. If a DHCP server is unavailable, a static IP address can be set locally through the standard console.
  4. Login to the iLO 4 web interface through a web browser.
    Open a browser and enter the iLO URL, https://ipaddress.HP iLO Login

Once logged in, you will be presented with the iLO Information Overview screen.HP iLO Information Overview

  1. Open The Remote Console.
    In the left pane navigation pane, expand Remote Console, Select Remote Console, and then finally select Launch in the right pane.Launch iLO Remote Console

You may need to confirm running the Integrated Remote Console application.Run Integrated Remote Console application

The Integrated Remote Console application will load.Integrated Remote Console application

  1. Mount ESXi Install Media.
    Click Virtual Drives then Select Image File.iLO Console Mount Virtual Drive
    Browse to the ESXi VMware ESXi 6.0 Installable HP Customized ISO Image that was downloaded in Step 1 and select open.
  2. Restart the server.
    Select Power Switch, then Click Cold Boot.

The server will restart and load the ESXi installer.

  1. Install ESXi.
    Press Enter to start the installer.ESXi Installer Welcome

Press F11 to accepts the End User License Agreement.ESXi Accept EULA

Select the install location. In the example ESXi will be installed on an HP flash drive, HP part number: 726718-S21.ESXi Installer Select Install Drive

Confirm erasing the flash drive.ESXi Installer Confirm Erase

Set preferred language.ESXi Installer Set Preferred Language

Set root password.ESXi Installer Set Root Password

Press F11 to initiate the install.ESXi Installer Initiate Install

Once the install has successfully completed, Press Enter to reboot the server.ESXi Installer Reboot Server
A confirmation message will be displayed.ESXi Installer Reboot Confirm

  1. Congratulations! ESXi has been successfully installed.ESXi Installer ESXi Running